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6 reasons why you are not getting results from your diet

If you have been trying to lose weight and have tried "n" number of diets to no avail then there's a chance you are doing one or more of the following. What I'm going to list here are the primary reasons I've come across where clients have had inferior or no results at all. Don't worry we have solutions to all of these.

1. A bite here, a nibble there - If your results on your diet are not as per your expectations then there's a chance you are doing this consciously or unconsciously. You have made a commitment to the diet plan, do not divulge from it.

Small bites here and there will not help you get to your goals

2. Not measuring your food - A diet plan is a structured plan which jots down the food intake accurately. You need to measure your food accurately to get the most out of your plan. If you don't the goal will remain unachieved. Use kitchen weighing scales to use the correct quantities of food.

Kitchen weighing scales help you measure food accurately

3. Not enough sleep - If you are not sleeping enough then your body will not respond well to the diet and might go into survival mode, storing the calories and adversely affecting your goals. Do make it a point to have 7-8 hours of sleep at the minimum.

Don't compromise on your sleep. 7-8 hours at least

4. Not drinking enough water - When you are on a diet, one single thing which can make or break your goals is the amount of water you drink. Water helps clearing toxic waste from your body and helps keeping the body temperature at the optimum as most diets tend to have a higher entropy. Have at least 3-5 litres of water at the minimum everyday.

Keep your water intake high. Have at least 3-5 litres everyday

5. You've hit a plateau - If you lost weight initially but aren't doing so anymore then you might have hit a weight loss plateau. In other words your body has gotten used to the diet you are following. You need to shake up things. Maybe workout a little extra, get a new diet or simply go for a couple of cheat meals to break the monotony.

Weight loss plateaus are hard to break

6. Your diet is not correct - If you are not getting desired results even after a considerable amount of time, then there is a high chance that your diet is calculated using incorrect macros and is not suited for your goals. You should reach out to your dietician and discuss the diet with him and ask for a new diet.

There can be some minor other reasons which will hamper the results and vary from person to person. To know more please reach out to RippleFIT on our Facebook page.

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