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Which kind of workout should you be doing for weight loss?

Flexibility Workouts are a good way to stretch your muscles and keep the blood flowing

Yoga, Cardio, Weight training, Functional training, Kickboxing, Sports - There are any number of ways you can get in the physical activity needed to complement your diet.

But which one should I choose? The question which everyone ponders over and unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with. If you are more the Yoga kind of person and love doing flexibility training, do that. Or if you need the adrenaline flowing go for weight training, functional and other such modes of workout. If you love going on long runs, keep doing that (with necessary precautions)

Weight training plus Functional training will give you great results

The point is that whatever you do, do that whole-heartedly, with discipline and intensity. Most importantly with a good degree of intensity. You need to work your muscle, in some cases gain some muscle. All of the above will help you do that to an extent. You can also go with a combination of workouts.

I personally prefer weight training with some high intensity cardio, which gives me an adrenaline boost as well as a cardiovascular pump.

Zumba or Aerobics are a great way to pump up the heart functioning

Always remember one thing - any kind of workout will put your muscles under stress and so you need to keep your protein intake optimum. This will keep your muscle recovery going and prevent you from burning out.

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