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Boost your transformation in just 3 steps

For people who haven't got time or interest for hitting a gym, please try to find other ways of getting some good physical activity in. One very simple way is to track your steps in a day. This is what worked for me.

1. You don't need a high end gadget to do this . Use your smartphone. Install a good app like Google Fit, Runkeeper or Pedometer and you are ready.

2. If you are a person who is mostly sitting at one place during the day, try just observing first. How many steps do you take in a day. A chart to help you Under 3000 - Very Low 3000-5000 - Low ( try to get some more everyday) 5000-7000 - Good ( can be slightly better) 7000-10000 - Very good (keep it up) 10000 + and you are killing it. Where have you been this whole time.

3. Try increasing at least 500 steps every day if you are under 7000 steps and you are good.

Sometimes simple things like taking an extra step helps you go the extra mile

Walking is a simple way to get that physical activity up

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