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Squats - One exercise Multiple benefits


Whether you are working out at the gym or doing simple home workout routines Squats is one exercise you should definitely include in your workout. At first look it seems to be working your quadricep muscles but in reality it's a compound exercise. It works multiple muscles ranging from quadriceps, hamstrings to calves and also helps strengthen the core.

Here are some benefits of doing squats regularly.

1. It is a great functional exercise and makes real life activities easier for you. It improves your mobility and balance, strengthens your leg muscles helping you in long walks, climbing stairs, sports etc.

2. Works multiple muscles in your body. As mentioned above, squats activate multiple muscles in the body and hence help gain lower body and upper body strength at the same time.

3. Burns more fat. Squats involves pushing your complete body weight up and hence is an exercise which requires more effort than most exercises. This helps in burning more calories. If it feels easy to push your own body weight up then you can do squats with barbells or dumbbells as well.

4. Injury Prevention. When you squat you strengthen your stabiliser muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues. This increases your flexibility and hence reduces chances of any injuries.

5. Tones your back, hips, abs and entire body. Squats activate your glutes, back, core and most leg muscles and effectively help you tone almost your entire body.

6. Helps with waste removal. When doing squats, your body pumps the body fluids better to all the tissues and organs. They also improve movement of feces through your colon and more regular bowel movements.

So keep squatting regularly and reap the benefits.


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